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RentaLink Software

What is RentaLink and what can it do for you?

RentaLink is a software component that provides superior financial reporting and analysis of vehicle income than that available through current programs. It was jointly developed between Judy Turner of Serendipity Consulting and John Crout of Systems Unlimited with input from Paul Rankin at Austalia's Head Office for Avis car & truck rentals.

This has enabled us to write a program which converts the RA information into a database for search and reporting purposes, together with the conversion into a readable format to import into MYOB. Upgrades are released based on feedback from existing users and to simplify some of the steps for exporting and importing data. To download a trial version of the RentaLink software go here
.download trial version

An online Microsoft Powerpoint 97 (556 Kb) presentation of RentaLink is available here for viewing. For pricing and ordering information please go here.



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